• Lancang River is the upstream section of Mekong River inside China and is the 6th longest river in the world, the 3rd longest river in Asia and the longest river in Southeast Asia. As the mother river for billions of people in Southeast Asia, the Lancang River basin abounds in splendid ancient civilization, abundant natural resources and unique culture and custom. Several national major and strategic projects are located at the Lancang River basin, including the West-to-East Electricity Transmission project, and the project of Outbound Electricity Transmission from Yunnan, and so is the 4th largest hydropower station in China — Huaneng Nuozhadu Hydropower Station.
  • If the Lancang River basin were a "kingdom of flora and fauna", then Nuozhadu could be hailed as the "capital" of the "kingdom". During the construction and operation of Huaneng Nuozhadu Hydropower Station, we have always stuck to the hydroelectric development philosophy of "building power stations with an aim to boost local economy, protect the environment, benefit local communities and foster social harmony".So far, Huaneng has invested more than 800 million yuan in ecological and environmental protection with a view to making water clearer and mountains greener along the Lancang River. We have also invested more than 20 million yuan to build an Animal Rescue Station, Fish Propagation Station and a Rare Plant Botanic Garden. In order to mitigate the impact of low-temperature water from reservoir on river ecology and fish propagation, additional 240 million yuan has been invested to construct a multi-level water intaking project, thus capable of adjusting the temperature of water from reservoir and ensuring fish propagation. This design of water intaking project breaks new ground in hydropower environmental protection in China and is also the first one in the world.
  • Hydraulic experiment of spillway at Huaneng Nuozhadu Hydropower Station During the construction of this Hydropower Station, Huaneng fully and thoroughly implemented its program in supporting New Socialist Countryside Construction, including the construction of primary and secondary schools, rural clinics, rural teacher training programs, human and animal drinking water projects, and country roads etc. As a result, a development zone along the Lancang River is now flourishing, featuring harmony in social, economic, and environmental development. Local villagers have been relocated from backward and hostile mountainous and gorge areas to areas with convenient transportation and favorable production conditions. Some migrants have even purchased sedans and moved into two-storey villas with solar energy equipment. In Huaneng Nuozhadu Hydropower Station, magnificent dam stands erect and abrupt spillway ejects colorful water curtain around the valley. Factory areas, near the hills and the river, are enveloped in grass and flower fragrance with chirping birds, flying bees and dancing butterflies. Both banks of the hydropower station are embellished by the green hills and blue waters, as if a beautiful picture scroll were slowly unfolding.
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