• Situated in the central part of Hangjiahu Plain at the south rim of Yangtze River Delta alluvial fan and surrounded by crisscrossing rivers and ports, Zhouquan Town in Tongxiang city of Zhejiang province, is a typical watery town to the south of the Yangtze River. It is also an industrial powerhouse for Tongxiang city and is home to near 400 industrial enterprises, with industrial economic aggregate ranked at the forefront in Jiaxing city for 13 consecutive years. However, the resulting negative environmental effects have once overburdened the Changshan River which flows through Zhouquan Town.
  • On September 23rd,2014, Huaneng Tongxiang No.1 Gas-fired Generating Unit, the first CHP project invested by China Huaneng Group in Zhejiang province with investment of 1.743 billion yuan, was officially put into operation after 96 hours of full-load trial running. When fully completed, this project will have heat supplying capacity of 450t/h, covering an area of 176 km2, and will put an end to the serious pollution caused by hundreds of small boilers within the industrial area. The 66km-long Changshan River, excavated by 300,000 workers from the end of 1978 to the beginning of 1979, starts from the Changshan sluice gate, northwesterly runs through Ganpu, Tongyuan, Baibu, then Haining and Tongxiang, and ends at the Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou. Zhu Yiping, a researcher in literature and history of Haiyan area, believes that Changshan River is a miracle created by 300,000 strong labors, after deep research on the excavation of Changshan River. He said, about 300,000 labors from Jiaxing city were divided into 7 groups, 149 battalions and 1,805 companies along the 41.29km construction sites to arduously carry out the project. With unimaginable fighting spirit, they created a myth in water conservancy engineering within only 43 days, using shovels and shoulders.
  • For many years, Changshan River had suffered severe pollution along with increasingly narrowing watercourse due to neglect in management and treatment. During construction of Huaneng Tongxiang Gas-fired Power Plant, China Huaneng Group appointed China Academy of Art to conduct a post-industrial design for factory area and invested more than 1.6 million yuan in dredging the adjacent 700m-long watercourse of Changshan River, reinforcing the embankment and planting vegetation. As a result, Huaneng has proactively responded to the "Five-river Treatment" environmental campaign initiated by Zhejiang province, changing the bitter history of Changshan River and recording a new chapter of modern industrial development along the river.
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